How much is it?

This varies depending on whether you’ve played with us before and whether you want us to supply you with a uniform. The table below details the prices as of 7 January 2017. Please note that these prices are subject to change and you should confirm with us first.

Player Rego + Insurance $30 per person $15 per person
Official Dodgeball Sydney Uniform T-shirt $35 per person $35 per person
Singlet $35 per person $35 per person
Game Fees $1150 for a 16 week season

Where and when are games played?

Currently we run a competition at Five Dock Indoor Sports on Sunday afternoons and Wednesday nights. Games start between 2pm and 8pm on Sundays and 6:30-9pm on Wednesdays. Our Fairfield league operates on Monday nights from 7pm to 9pm.

How many people are on a team?

There are 6 players on the court at a time in a game of dodgeball. If you are entering a mixed competition, at least 2 of these players must be females.

Can we have substitutes?

Yes, we encourage you to include more than 6 players in your squad to allow for unavailability and illness (and fatigue!). Substitutions can be made at the change of ends, which occurs every 2 sets.

Is there a maximum number of players we can register in our team?

Yes. 12 is the maximum number of players each team may register. Bear in mind that the more players you have, the less game time you all get. Most squads have 8-10 players; this is roughly the ideal number. Any more than this and each player will get too little game time – remember, each match is 40 minutes long.

Can we have an all-girls team?

Definitely! There is no upper limit on the number of girls allowed on-court at one time. We have had very successful ‘girlpower’ teams in the past, so don’t expect the other teams to go easy on you!

What do I wear!?

We recommend that all players wear comfortable clothing and shoes, the same as you would for any other exercise or sport. A uniform is required with a number on the FRONT of the jersey. We sell full kits including a shirt or a singlet plus shorts in a massive range of colour combos, otherwise you can get creative and design your own playing strip.

Do the balls hurt if I get hit in the head?

No. We use 15cm rubber-coated foam balls which are very light and soft. The only pain involved is the damage to your ego as you make the walk of shame after a blow to the face!

How does the change of ends during the match work?

Teams change ends in the same way as tennis players change ends for games i.e. at the end of every odd set. The referee will let you know when to change ends, and this is the only time at which substitutions can be made.

Got a question we haven’t answered yet?

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