Congratulations to all our grand finalists, and particularly our winners!

Division 4 finalists IncrediBalls White and The Underdodge played a great match. Excellent strategy was shown by both sides, with some amazing plays. Congratulations to IncrediBalls White who came out on top!

Division 3 IncrediBalls Pink and IncrediBalls Red competed for the title – a showdown between friends! Congratulations to IncrediBalls Pink who took the win, despite Red putting up a good fight!

Championship League Purple Cobras and Sitting Ducks were our championship league final showdown, both very strong teams. Sitting Ducks managed to pull through with a win on the day!

Premier League was the main event of the night – with two highly skillful teams, The IncrediBalls and Dodgy Styles battling it out for first place. The IncrediBalls finally took home a win – after about four years of competing in second place. Well done to these great teams!

Congratulations to all our teams – we can’t wait to see you throughout 2016 for Sunday league and Wednesday league! Email for more information.