Feeling a bit stiff after games? Check out these videos from our friends at TRP Physiotherapy in Fairfield for tips on stretching, strengthening and how to loosen up any soreness/stiffness you may have.

sANDw_tprCardTRP stands for Total Recovery Professionals hence the premise behind the business is that we deal in all forms of recovery and rehabilitation. We focus on a quick return to function to get you back at work or sport through a variety of treatment techniques including: Deep tissue and remedial massage, Dry Needling, Cupping, Joint manipulation and mobilisation, Biomechanical assessment, Kinesio and Rigid Taping, Pilates and Physio machines – Ultrasound, interferential, Traction plus a full gym setup.

It’s never a good idea to stretch when you’re completely cold so do some run-throughs or jogging on the spot to get the blood flowing before you attempt the exercises below.

Introduction to Dodgeball Stretching & Injury Prevention

Internal Rotators Stretch

Foam Roller Recovery & Self Releases

Strengthening Exercises for Throwers

Don’t forget to cool down and stretch AFTER your game as well – this is just as important for recovery and injury prevention as a proper warm-up.